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Youth-led Charity Strategy Document Support

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1. Why are we doing this piece of work?

The established charity has had amazing success over the years by being youth-led. Those funders that have existing relationship with the charity know the benefit of doing so.  However, recent new funding opportunities are asking for elements of strategy and business plans during the application process which contradict how the youth-led model would go about long-term intervention planning.  We were asked to support development of a revised strategy document to balance the polarised needs.

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  1. What was happening before?

  • The charity have established funder relationships that have experienced the benefit of their youth-led approach.
  • Recent success and growth demand requires additional funding from new sources.
  • These new funders are asking for detailed 5-year plans in strategy documents which contradicts the current youth-led more Agile operational model in place.
  1. How is it now?

Within a week of support request:

  • Existing documents were reviewed from multiple perspectives.
  • Research identified two key areas of the strategy document that would benefit from bringing in academic evidence to support the current operational model.
  • Document changes triaged with charity leader and updates made.
  • Revised documents ready for initial use cases


  1. What did we achieve?

  • 2 key pieces of evidence from academic research added to highlight the benefit of youth-led model.
  • Revised documents ready for use that balance the agile youth-led model with new funders requirements.
  1. What happened next?

The charity tested the revised documents with known funders before making final adjustments for use with new funding applications.

  1. Project Team

Gerard Grattan


Lynne Haddow