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Workplace 5S

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Course overview

This interactive course is designed to provide you with working knowledge and practical skills in organising your workplace using a foundational and highly effective Lean method known as 5S. You will learn:

  • The importance of workplace organisation for high performance teams
  • The definition of 5S and how to practically apply it
  • The benefits of 5S; waste elimination, productivity improvement and safety gains
  • The applicability of 5S in any workplace, from office to factory floor

As a knowledge level course there is no need for a detailed understanding of Lean or Agile however we do recommend you complete the Practical Business Improvements, ‘Introduction to Lean‘ ,course in preparation for this session.

Our approach in this course is broad and interactive. Participants will experience:

  • Knowledge sharing from an experienced trainer on both theory and practical application of 5S
  • Real examples from Practical Business Improvement’s clients
  • Interactive exercises and Q&A to embed the learnings
  • What next, including how to immediately apply 5S

The end goal is for participants to leave with a deep understanding of 5S theory, method and practical applicability back at their workplace. 

Individuals and companies who want to create high performance workplaces. The course is widely suited for all work sectors. It is aimed at blue and white collar workers and leaders, who will work directly on improvements themselves or lead teams to affect change. 

Technical requirements

This course uses two main communication and collaboration software that require internet connection.  

Therefore, you will need a device to dial into a Zoom or MS Teams video conference (PBI will arrange and send details) and a modern internet browser:

  • Chrome 51 or above
  • Edge 43 or above
  • Safari 9 or above
  • Firefox 46 or above

Free course delivered online by our collaboration partners Practical Business Improvements Ltd