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Visual & Virtual Management

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Course overview

For individuals and companies who want to use visual management tools and techniques to manage the work either in a physical or in a remote world. The course is widely suited for all work sectors. It is aimed at managers, leaders and change agents who will work directly on improvements themselves or lead teams to affect change.

This one day interactive course will introduce participants to the uses and benefits of visual management focusing on Huddles, Campaign Rooms and Stand Ups – either in a physical or in a remote environment.

The training covers such topics as:

  • Sponsorship – it’s role in an improvement journey
  • Huddle – daily communication system
  • Campaign Room – management system used to assist in running a project or department
  • Stand Up – management system used to assist in operations
  • Kanban – role of the flow in management systems
  • Other examples of visual management

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Describe what visual management is, each of the different tools
  • Identify which type of visual management is best suited for each situation
  • Detail the benefits of using visual management
  • Describe why rigor and rules are required when using visual management
  • Describe the changes driven through the maturity of the visual management
  • Understand the role of sponsorship in an improvement process
  • Use visual management tools for geographically dispersed teams

Technical requirements

This course uses two main communication and collaboration software that require internet connection.  Therefore you will need a device to dial into a Zoom or MS Teams video conference (PBI will arrange and send details) and a modern internet browser:

  • Chrome 51 or above
  • Edge 43 or above
  • Safari 9 or above
  • Firefox 46 or above

This paid course delivered online by our collaboration partners Practical Business Improvements Ltd