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Startup Strategy for Product Launch

Startup Strategy Board

1. Why are we doing this Startup Strategy work?

This Startup is looking to disrupt a massive industry in changing the way half the population currently consume specific single-use products. They needed help to prepare them for their first product launch and progress their objectives.

Startup Strategy Board

2. What was happening before?

The Startup had the ideas, the enthusiasm, the drive and the intention in abundance.  However, they required a way to map out and more clearly visualise their ideas so they could confidently move towards getting their first product to market and into the hands of those who will benefit from them.

3. How is it now?

Firstly, the Startup now has clarity around their concept. Secondly, they have a clear path for progressing their product to market and are more confident in their abilities now they have achieved the strategic goals that were created in our initial working sessions. They also have the knowhow to continue setting strategic goals for themselves and this means that they are able to sustain their ambitious trajectory towards their goals.

4. What have we achieved?

Importantly, we took the time to listen to the team and identify their most relevant desired outcomes. We created clearly-defined strategic goals around three specific areas: funding, marketing and distribution of their new product. During the very first working session we secured dates for monthly check ins that would be frequent enough to allow for progress to be easily measured and sustain the momentum necessary to meet deadlines. Impactara provided a framework that supported the Startup in thinking through the step-by-step processes for achieving their goals.

5. What happened next?

Impactara continued to support the Startup with accountability check ins at regular intervals and ensured they were comfortable creating their own strategies for success going forward.

6. Project Team

Gerard Grattan

Lynne Haddow