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Impactara’s We Make Change Programme

Faces of social enterprise founders and impactara coaches

Impactara’s business model was designed to include time to work with charities and social enterprises on a pro bono or pay it forward basis.

We Make Change recently helped us make this happen in spectacular fashion. From the first ideation phone call with James Sancto to the Change Programme Launch took only 8 short weeks.

In that time Impactara mobilised 8 improvement coaches. We Make Change found us 4 Social Enterprises who needed our kind of strategic, business development support.  We managed to find a date when we could all carve out 5 hours to be together online which was, in itself, no easy feat!

Before the programme began, Impactara received some information about the Social Enterprises, including which causes were driving them and what challenges they were facing. This allowed us to do a little research and find out about their specific areas of focus.

Launch Day

We all met for the first time, virtually, face-to-face at the Change Programme Launch. Facilitated by James Sancto and Jens Christian Trier, this gave us 5 super-focused hours together. After the full group introductions, the Social Enterprises were introduced to their allocated pair of improvement coaches and we all set about Making Change!

In the working sessions we were able to get to know each other a bit and dive a little deeper into the challenges the Social Enterprises were facing.  Using different tools and techniques we helped them think through their current situations and challenges then develop a roadmap of activities for the duration of the programme. 

It was really inspiring to see how passionate all of the social enterprises are about their chosen objectives. It is obvious that the determination to make a positive impact is paramount when people are volunteering their time to do this work, often on top of full-time or part-time jobs and studies.

Ongoing Change Programme

We have an ongoing, three-month We Make Change Programme laid out.  Each of the teams are meeting as often as they deem necessary to keep on track to achieve their agreed milestones.

Some of the teams are now using a virtual Daily Huddle, which is a 15-minute meeting intended to highlight any challenges as they arise and decrease delays in completing tasks.

Some of the teams are using a virtual Campaign Room, a place where everyone can see the tasks that are planned out for a specific project. By keeping everything visible, no matter where team members are located, everyone can see the status of the project which reduces email traffic and increases progress.

Some of the teams have worked through a Value Stream Mapping session which helped them to get a clear picture of their current processes. Getting a good look at individual actions makes it easier to identify issues and create actions to start implementing solutions.

All of the teams are making progress towards their goals and Impactara are delighted to be supporting them on this part of their journey.