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Eco-Friendly E-Commerce Impact Strategy

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1. Why are we doing this work?

This leader of an eco-friendly e-commerce company was looking for a more structured approach going forward. The company was steadily growing and they wanted to look ahead and plan out their path to achieving their business impact goals.

2. What was happening before?

  • No structured strategy in place
  • Lots of opportunities
  • Unclear on top priorities

3. How is it now?

  • Leader has structure for moving ahead
  • Focus on the top priorities
  • Clear strategy in place
  • Method for recording

4. What have we achieved?

Using the Business Model Canvas tool we talked through the different segments of the business highlighting which areas needed focus.

We discussed the top priorities for the leader and the business  and extracted the opportunities that would drive the business forward in the direction they wanted to go.  We took into account their executing capacity and prioritised their goals  into short, middle and long term time horizons.

The output of the session was a clear roadmap of visible activities to work towards which focus on the top priorities.

5. What happened next?

The path forward was clearly mapped out for the leader and defined targets and indicators helped to keep them on track.