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Impactara Design Sprints

Are you looking for a way of tackling wicked problems or fostering innovation? Do you have a complex challenge that needs resolved? Or do you want to create new services or products? Although we’d love to tell you we can solve all your problems with one quick design sprint, we can’t. We can, however, bring you a lot closer to that elusive solution. Following the process and quickly testing ideas with potential customers brings crucial insights. Give us a call to find out if we’re a good fit for your challenge. Contact

What is a Design Sprint?

A design sprint is framework of Design Thinking exercises that help you solve problems creatively. Design Thinking has been used by big companies like IBM,IDEO & GV for many years. Design sprints were invented by Jake Knapp when he was at GV and have been used all over the world since his book ‘Sprint’ was released in 2016.

How to Run a Design Sprint

There is no single ‘right’ way to run these. Ideally the team will commit 3 or more days to focus on the challenge. We know this is incredibly difficult in busy organisations but the time committed is critical, as the results will show. We will guide you through the tried and tested process:

Before the sprint starts Impactara Improvement Coaches will spend time with your team creating a challenge brief to capture the details of the problem to be worked on. Then we will line up a series of workshops that fit the challenge. We will help you recruit a cross-functional team from across your organisation that will bring valuable perspective.

During the design sprint your team will be guided through divergent and convergent thinking processes. Once the team have got a good understanding of the challenge they will agree on a Problem Statement to ensure the team is aligned. The ideation sessions help to push past the initial ‘obvious’ solutions to more creative possibilities. Creating a mock up of proposed solutions brings them into the physical realm and allows the test subjects to get a real feel for the proposal. Taking time to consider the results gained from testing sessions give invaluable insights into the next steps to take.

What Benefit Comes From a Design Sprint?

One huge benefit is getting alignment within a team from across the organisation. It takes time to create a new product or service, build it, launch it and get feedback from customers. In a design sprint you shortcut that process by quickly creating a prototype and testing it with real people. In a matter of days you can get real results that can shape your solution, product or service. You can mitigate the risk of failure and unnecessary expense of creating something that doesn’t fit your requirements.

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