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Community Interest Company (CIC) Strategic Planning

Community or people crossing a rainbow road

1. Why are we doing it?

This Social Enterprise has been providing invaluable support to the community since 2018. They have successfully weathered the COVID19 storm and are continuing to provide top quality support to their community with an additional online offering.  In order to help them feel more in control of their expanding business, we had a strategic planning session.

2. What was happening before?

There was a lot happening. There are many facets to this social enterprise. The have expanded their team rapidly with several kickstart team members, who all required training. After the lockdown restrictions were lifted, the face-to-face activities restarted, albeit with lower numbers. The online participation continued to gather momentum.

3. How is it now?

Now there is still a lot happening. The community continues to grow and the services provided continue to create wellbeing for the members. The staff are less stressed and more confident in their direction and the social value they are providing.

4. What did we achieve?

In our strategy session we talked through the various aspects of the business. Firstly, we looked at which services were working well and which were not working so well. Then, we talked about the positive social value impact they have been making.
We took some time to work on the priorities for the organisation and plan out the actions required to make those priorities reality. Overall, we achieved clarity around where the social enterprise is currently, where they want to be, and how they can get there.

5. What happened next?

With a detailed vision of the activities required the social enterprise were set up to achieve their goals over the next 6-12 months.