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Social Enterprise Clothing Turbo Kaizen

Impactara Turbo Kaizen Mural board images

1. Why are we doing this piece of work?

Since our client launched their clothing brand via an online store and social channels in early 2020, the sales were below the required level to achieve a sustainable business model. Other activities had been explored to overcome this sales gap, such as new markets and the marketing approach. However, one area that had not progressed is the digital plugins available to the client on the online store. This was the area identified by the client which needed addressing.

2. What was happening before?

Although making sales via the online store, the volume was significantly below the amount needed to be considered a sustainable business model. As the client was not making full use of the services available to them from the online store, this was identified as the next area of focus.

3. How is it now?

During the Turbo Kaizen, 19 issues were identified and addressed. These were focussed around increasing Sales Channels, Brand Visibility and tracking these interactions across multiple platforms.

4. What have we achieved?

An online catalogue of the stores clothing was set up on multiple social media platforms to increase brand visibility and ease of purchase. Brand awareness was increased through implementation of advertisement channels. The client was able to utilise the applicable resources available on the online sales platform, to help build a stronger brand.

5. What happened next?

The client set up a process to continually review and ensure the services available to them are being used to their maximum potential. This includes tracking their social media, sales channels and their advertisement resources on a regular basis.

6. Project Team

Anthony Babes Improvement Coach

Locke Gilmour Improvement Coach

Lynne Haddow Improvement Coach

Nikita Korolev Improvement Coach