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CIC Process Map

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1. Why did we do this work?

This Community Interest Company (CIC) had seen recent expansion across their team, additionally, due to COVID, it was necessary to have sight of their processes as they continued to grow. 

However, expansion brings challenges in ensuring the team had aligned goals and direction. Impactara spent 5 hours with the team to create a Value Stream Map of their current process and create a Huddle Board to assign and map out the next actions for each member to take.

2. What was happening before?

The CIC had existing processes for each section of production, but had no sight of the time taken to complete each step, who was involved at each stage and what tools were needed to complete it. This meant the company hadn’t identified opportunities to improve the current process whilst removing the ‘waste’ that was unnecessary and time consuming.

3. How is it now?

Working through the seven current process steps, the team discussed each step in detail, uncovering 34 key issues. After the key issues were identified, they were affinitised into 10 actions. This left the CIC with actionable areas to go away from the session and work from, with the use of the Huddle Board, to track their daily actions and progress.

4. What have we achieved?

  • 7 Process Steps examined
  • 34 Key Issues Identified
  • 10 actions assigned to team members
  • Introduction to Huddle Board
  • Visibility of where they are at the moment

5. What happens next?

Now the team have sight of where the challenges lie, and have been assigned areas to explore further. The team will use the Huddle Board to complete these actions, sticking to the dates assigned on the day and will report their progress back to the rest of the team and Impactara.

6. Project Team

Anthony Babes Improvement Coach

Locke Gilmour Improvement Coach

Lynne Haddow Improvement Coach

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