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Charity Kaizen Event

Charity Kaizen Event

1. Why did we do this work?

This rapidly growing, nationwide charity has had to switch  to virtual ways of working, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Challenges had arisen in their processes, which were mainly due to expansion and adopting online working practices. In  the pre-event the team identified their most pressing challenges to be dealt with at the Kaizen Event.

2. What was happening before?

Individual regional managers were facing challenges in delivering top quality programmes. There were potential gaps in information distribution and potential risks to successful sales. With the wide distribution of teams there were risks of process steps being missed which could lead to negative impact on other departments.

3. How is it now?

The end-to-end sales process is now clearly defined and regional managers are more confident that no opportunities will be missed as the process is more transparent and relevant. With 25 improvements put in place during the Kaizen Event, the charity are able to provide their services to an ever increasing client base and spark more positive impact in people’s lives.

4. What did we achieve?

  • Designed and set critical timelines 
  • Prepared sales filter process
  • Improved sales role documentation 
  • Defined methods of pitching 
  • Designed transparent budget method 
  • Organised Sales area of Cloud storage
  • Created scope document funding model

5. What happened next?

With the sales processes more robust, the charity were able to continue expanding with confidence that they are delivering the best value for their clients. The Kaizen Event team learned new tools and ways of working to help them tackle everyday challenges.

6. Project Team

Gerry Grattan Improvement

Lynne Haddow Improvement

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