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Success Stories

Youth-led Charity Strategy Document Support

1. Why are we doing this work? The established youth-led charity has had amazing success over the years precisely because they are youth-led. Those funders that have an existing relationship with the charity know the benefit of this model.  However, recent new funding opportunities have been asking for elements of strategy and business plans during the application process which contradict how the youth-led model would go about long-term intervention planning. … Read More »Youth-led Charity Strategy Document Support

Business Plan Workshop

1. Why are we doing this improvement workshop? A Social Enterprise, with the mission to provide support activities for a large section of society, faced challenges due to their massive success during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Rapidly increasing membership numbers, high demand for their services, and the ever-growing need for more services proved that they needed to grow sustainably. They realised they would need a better understanding of their business before… Read More »Business Plan Workshop

Community Interest Company (CIC) Strategic Planning

1. Why are we doing it? This Social Enterprise has been providing invaluable support to the community since 2018. They have successfully weathered the COVID19 storm and are continuing to provide top quality support to their community with an additional online offering.  In order to help them feel more in control of their expanding business, we had a strategic planning session. 2. What was happening before? There was a lot… Read More »Community Interest Company (CIC) Strategic Planning

Eco-Friendly E-commerce Impact Strategy

1. Why are we doing this work? This leader of an eco-friendly e-commerce company was looking for a more structured approach going forward. The company was steadily growing and they wanted to look ahead and plan out their path to achieving their business impact goals. 2. What was happening before? No structured strategy in place Lots of opportunities Unclear on top priorities 3. How is it now? Leader has structure… Read More »Eco-Friendly E-commerce Impact Strategy

Non-profit Strategy Session

1. Why are we doing it? This Social Enterprise had sprung up during lockdown to fill a need for people who were searching for local support for better living. They had been so successful in their engagement that their membership had grown exponentially and they needed a strategy in place to avoid implosion. 2. What was happening before? The team were carrying out more and more tasks and activities simultaneously… Read More »Non-profit Strategy Session

Charity Kaizen Event

1. Why did we do this work? This rapidly growing, nationwide charity has had to switch  to virtual ways of working, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Challenges had arisen in their processes, which were mainly due to expansion and adopting online working practices. In  the pre-event the team identified their most pressing challenges to be dealt with at the Kaizen Event. 2. What was happening before? Individual regional managers were… Read More »Charity Kaizen Event

Startup Strategy for Product Launch

1. Why are we doing this Startup Strategy work? This Startup is looking to disrupt a massive industry in changing the way half the population currently consume specific single-use products. They needed help to prepare them for their first product launch and progress their objectives. 2. What was happening before? The Startup had the ideas, the enthusiasm, the drive and the intention in abundance.  However, they required a way to… Read More »Startup Strategy for Product Launch

Business Plan and Process Map Workshop

1. Why are we doing this improvement workshop? An established Social Enterprise, with the mission to equip people to  improve their own wellbeing, wanted help to get a clear vision of their business and streamline their ‘order through to delivery’ process. 2. What was happening before? Lots of back and forth email traffic Courses not full due to late cancellations  Not being informed of requirements before the event. 3. How… Read More »Business Plan and Process Map Workshop

CIC Process Map

1. Why did we do this work? This Community Interest Company (CIC) had seen recent expansion across their team, additionally, due to COVID, it was necessary to have sight of their processes as they continued to grow.  However, expansion brings challenges in ensuring the team had aligned goals and direction. Impactara spent 5 hours with the team to create a Value Stream Map of their current process and create a… Read More »CIC Process Map

Impactara’s We Make Change Programme

Impactara’s business model was designed to include time to work with charities and social enterprises on a pro bono or pay it forward basis. We Make Change recently helped us make this happen in spectacular fashion. From the first ideation phone call with James Sancto to the Change Programme Launch took only 8 short weeks. In that time Impactara mobilised 8 improvement coaches. We Make Change found us 4 Social… Read More »Impactara’s We Make Change Programme