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Anthony Babes

Improvement Coach I like to make a difference in my personal and work life.  With Impactara I get the opportunity to help charities and social enterprises make as much of a positive impact as they can with the resources available to them. Building the skills and knowledge of the individuals that run these enterprises is the best part for me. As an Improvement Coach I have used many tools and… Read More »Anthony Babes

Locke Gilmour

Improvement Coach My name is Locke Gilmour and I am an Improvement Coach at Impactara. I believe having a positive impact on a person or business can be done simply through the spread of knowledge, in turn helping them to help others.  My passion to spark positive impacts stems from a desire to improve the environment.  Since my degree and further studies, this has branched out to include Social Enterprises… Read More »Locke Gilmour

Nikita Korolev

Improvement Coach I believe in the potential and ability of each person to bring value to this world. The abilities and skills of an individual should be used not only for personal benefit, but also for the benefit of all the inhabitants of the Earth. For me, Impactara has become an opportunity for self-realization by supporting social enterprises and charities in implementing a culture of continuous improvement. As an Improvement… Read More »Nikita Korolev

Lynne Haddow

Director and Improvement Coach As a director of Impactara, I enjoy co-creating strategic solutions and building organisational capacity to create positive social and environmental impacts. With over 20 years international experience in finance and continuous improvement, I specialise in upskilling others and helping people excel and grow in their professional and personal lives. My passion for protecting the world’s ecosystems led to me becoming a social entrepreneur, co-founder of Extincts… Read More »Lynne Haddow

Gerard Grattan

Director and Improvement Coach I’m all for helping solve business problems, whilst putting People & Planet first.  As an Improvement Coach with Impactara Ltd, I bring 20 years of experience of various transformation approaches that help you overcome the challenges you face in your workplace whilst increasing the positive impact you make. My background is in Lean, Agile and Digital transformation with 18 years in the global energy sector progressing… Read More »Gerard Grattan