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Business Plan Workshop

Business plan workshop

1. Why are we doing this improvement workshop?

A Social Enterprise, with the mission to provide support activities for a large section of society, faced challenges due to their massive success during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Rapidly increasing membership numbers, high demand for their services, and the ever-growing need for more services proved that they needed to grow sustainably. They realised they would need a better understanding of their business before growing any further. Impactara ran a Social Business Model Canvas session to help.

2. What was happening before?

  • Rapid increase in membership
  • Lack of sight of all the aspects of the organisation

3. How is it now?

  • Identified all fundamental elements of the organisation
  • Gained clarity on the activities being carried out
  • Clear visual of the organisation

4. What has been achieved?

  • Social business model canvas completed to better understand the key parts of their business
  • Clear understanding of the organisation’s activities
  • Clear sight of  the main stakeholders
  • Mapped out details of each segment in 2.5hr workshop

5. What happened next?

  • The Social Business Model Canvas document was shared as a clear picture of the current organisation.
  • The details were expanded into a business plan for the use with future funding applications.

Project Team

Lynne Haddow

Gerard Grattan