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Business Plan and Ways of Working

Strategic ways of working MURAL canvas

1. Why are we doing this improvement workshop?

An established Social Enterprise, with the mission to develop  children’s creative abilities, faced challenges due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.  Cancellation of work, high uncertainty of when work would resume, switching to remote working and lack of external deadlines caused internal prioritisation and productivity challenges.

Impactara is always ready to support customers in challenging times and provide assistance for businesses which are experiencing difficulties when working remotely.

Snapshot of a virtual huddle board with coloured sticky notes all over it.

2. What was happening before? Limited clarity on strategic priorities, short-term actions  and mid-term goals -Poor short-term action planning -Lack of communication platform -Absence of prioritisation mechanism

3. How is it now? Generated backlog of  improvement ideas -Prioritised ideas and actions -Created multi-functional virtual working area using cloud-based collaboration tool, MURAL -Set up Huddle with consistent agenda and rules

4. What has been achieved? Identified the main priorities in the team’s work -Substantive discussion of work assignments -Revealed more 61 ideas and opportunities during 2.5 hour working session -Clear goals set for the next 3 month period with assigned action owners and dates

Key outcomes graphic summary
61 ideas generated and prioritised within 2.5 hours
Team upskilled to self-facilitate Lean communication solution
Screenshot of MURAL visual management board

5. What happened next? Team ran Huddle sessions with the support of an Impactara coach to gradually improve the flow of action delivery -Developed self-facilitation skills and completed full handover of Huddle ownership

6. Project Team

Anthony Babes Improvement

Gerard Grattan Improvement

Nikita Korolev Improvement