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Business Plan and Process Map Workshop

Value Stream Map image

1. Why are we doing this improvement workshop?

An established Social Enterprise, with the mission to equip people to  improve their own wellbeing, wanted help to get a clear vision of their business and streamline their ‘order through to delivery’ process.

2. What was happening before?

  • Lots of back and forth email traffic
  • Courses not full due to late cancellations 
  • Not being informed of requirements before the event.

3. How is it now?

  • Have a map of their end-to-end  process 
  • Social business model canvas completed to better understand the key parts of their business
  • Clarity of which areas to work on

4. What has been achieved?

  • Revealed more than 20 ideas and opportunities during 2 hour working session
  • Social Enterprise went home with clear actions and all the information discovered on the day

5. What happens next?

  • The team immediately started on the work they uncovered
  •  Impactara will check on progress in 6 months

Project Team

Anthony Babes

Lynne Haddow

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