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Sparking Positive Impact

Our Expertise

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We help evolve your organisation, putting people and planet first. Through our purpose-led, social and environmental lenses we help you succeed in building a sustainable business model that makes a positive impact.


We focus on the parts of your organisation which are most likely to unlock value. Combining a Lean mindset with Agile ways of working we help build delivery momentum on outcomes that have the most positive impact for you, your teams and your organisation.


We strive for a workplace that engages, motivates, empowers, trusts and rewards its people. We help you learn the trends from Progressive Organisations that have eliminated bureaucracy, improved morale and unleashed impactful outcomes.

About Us


We are purpose-led

The world needs all types of organisations to deliver positive impacts and we are here to help.

We believe in putting people and positive impact first.


We are results driven

We focus our efforts on the outcomes that will deliver better results for your organisation.

These are generally positive financial, social, environmental and/or people impacts.


we are practical

We bring a practical approach to  improvement, innovation and transformation activities.

We are hands on and work with you as a trusted partner in achieving the impact required.


we are human

We bring a level of care and support to our clients which includes building a shared responsibility and common goal for achieving the desired positive impact.

01.  Social Enterprise

02.  Start-ups

03.  Energy Transition

03.  Tech4Good

04.  Circular Economy

05.  Charity



We can spark a positive impact within both corporate and social enterprise sectors.

Our expertise was built whilst delivering corporate transformations and enhanced through purpose-led work to solve unique challenges within Social Enterprises of all sizes.

We will work with you to shape the most appropriate way to overcome the challenges you face in making a greater positive impact.  

We are naturally fast paced yet aware that change and improvements need to be tuned to the capacity of your organisation.

Success Stories

IMP 930x620px NUBS

N.U.B.S. and Impactara are sparking positive impact.

Newcastle University Business School (N.U.B.S.) and Impactara have found a unique way of providing creative solutions to business challenges faced by social sector organisations. By incorporating Design Sprints in their…
IMP Approved

Youth-led Charity Strategy Document Support

1. Why are we doing this piece of work? The established charity has had amazing success over the years by being youth-led. Those funders that have existing relationship with the…
IMP 930x620px Bus Plan

Business Plan Workshop

1. Why are we doing this improvement workshop? A Social Enterprise, with the mission to provide support activities for a large section of society, faced challenges due to their massive…
IMP 930x620px Community

Community Interest Company (CIC) Strategic Planning

1. Why are we doing it? This Social Enterprise has been providing invaluable support to the community since 2018. They have successfully weathered the COVID19 storm and are continuing to…